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James MacLachlan, Managing Director,
H Beardsley Ltd

"It was a bit of the old magic wand stuff from BSUK taking our old mix of funding..."

Giles Stanford, Managing Director, Stanford Logistical Support Ltd

"When BSUK recommended the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme we wondered..."

David Morrison, Managing Director, Morrison Fork Truck Services Ltd

Billions of Business Grants available to SMEs

Are you getting your share?

Over £5bn worth of grants available to UK businesses

Here's the background

Business grants are not handed out without purpose, but every year there is around £2.5bn in UK publicly funded business support made available to business organisations up and down the country.

Add to this the grants and financial assistance available from the European Union and the result is a significant financial resource available specifically to assist and improve UK businesses.

These grants are available to most business organisations to include small and medium sized businesses, partnerships, the self employed and large corporates.

Community and Voluntary groups and not for profit organisations can also apply for grants which are founded to promote social inclusion and development. The funds available for these sectors are very large and run into many billions of pounds and to put some perspective to this there is £2.7bn available for good causes which remain unallocated.

The UK Government has stated that it “believes in enterprise and opportunity and wants to create the right conditions for businesses to thrive and prosper, making the UK the best place in the world to start and expand a business” .

The grants system is a key area for delivering on this vision but the process is still bureaucratic and cumbersome which often explains why many businesses fail to capitalise on the funds available to them.

Below is an indication of the types of grants typically available:

Business Grants new business start-up costs
Business Grants business planning
Business Grants marketing planning and material costs
Government Grants corporate identity costs
Government Grants business growth
Government Grants skills and training costs
Government Grants e-commerce and website investment costs
Government Grants information and communication technology
European Grants best practice adoption systems
European Grants capital expenditure
European Grants research and development
European Grants innovation
European Grants property / premises
Business Grants environmental considerations / projects

Here's what we do

We source the prospective schemes and funds that are appropriate to your business operation We advise on the qualifying criteria, assist in the preparation and presentation of the grant application and follow through on all issues until completion. We will also consider your overall funding requirements, if this is appropriate to you, as a successful grant award will often be beneficial in the procurement of new funding arrangements.

Here's the service

We offer a comprehensive service which includes the following:

Fees on a success only basis and charged only after the grant has been successfully obtained.

No up-front fees, retainers or engagement fees.

Streamlined and efficient initial requirements assessment.

Grants search to include EU, national and local grants sources.

A consistent and systematic approach to the initial vetting and processing stage that ensures all initial enquires regardless of size or complexity are treated exactly the same.

An early response to clients on the extent and potential value of grants available.

A professional and courteous service at all times.

Client confidentiality guaranteed.

Preparation of grants application or applications.

Presentation of grants application or applications and liaison with awarding bodies.

Completion of process.

Wondering what to do next?

Simply make contact here.

To request a call back or if you would like more information or have a specific requirement, email us here and we will channel your enquiry to the most appropriate advisor.

The great thing is there’s absolutely no cost for initial consultations and assessments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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