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"BSUK got us the funding we needed when we needed it. We were most impressed ....."

James MacLachlan, Managing Director,
H Beardsley Ltd

"It was a bit of the old magic wand stuff from BSUK taking our old mix of funding..."

Giles Stanford, Managing Director, Stanford Logistical Support Ltd

"When BSUK recommended the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme we wondered..."

David Morrison, Managing Director, Morrison Fork Truck Services Ltd

Business Grants are available for different types of organisations

Check out what may be available to you

Contact us as to maximise your chances of success in securing these funds.

Here’s the good news

The legal status of your business is not the deciding factor in assessing the availability of grants.

The self employed and partnership sector generally has a wide range of grants and financial assistance available to them, depending on the type, size and location of the business.

Our experience is that grants and assistance can fundamentally change the business outlook of a self employed individual or partnership set up. Take the steps to secure all the grants that may be available to your business.

Timing is important and one thing you must not do is start the project and then apply for the grant as they are never awarded retrospectively and the application will be rejected.

With self employed and partnerships there is often a range of different types of grants from a range of different sources, some small, some larger and it is important that each application matches the differing criteria.

Below is an indication of the types of grants typically available to the self employed and partnerships:

Business planning grant:
Grant assistance towards the preparation of a business plan.

Business start-up grant:
Subject to meeting the criteria, this can be used to cover the costs of capital items of expenditure such as equipment and tools and initial overhead costs.

E-commerce grant:
The e-commerce grant helps businesses to adopt new internet technology and in particular to establish their own e-commerce presence on the world wide web.

Marketing grant:
A Marketing grant intended to support new business start-ups to market their products or services effectively. It can be used to cover the costs of preparing and implementing a marketing plan or strategy including the preparation of marketing materials in conjunction with the plan or strategy.

ICT grant:
This grant helps businesses to adopt new information and communication technologies and in particular to purchase new hardware and software.

There is also a range of grants for:

High growth start-ups.

Capital intensive start-ups.

Research and development programmes.

Innovation programmes.

Training programmes.

For specific partnership initiatives there is a wider selection of grant schemes such as:

SFI (Selective Finance for Investment Grants).

RSA (Regional Selective Assistance Grants).

IFG (Investment for Growth).

AIG (Assembly Investment Grant).

Business Start-up grants.

Business Growth Grants.

Business Rate Grant Scheme.

Business Support Programme.

Fostering Entrepreneurship Grant.

Marketing Advice and Support Scheme.

Innovation Grants.

Research and Developments Grants.

R & D Tax Credits.

Capital Grant Scheme.

Small Business Assistance Grants.

Business Growth Start.

Knowledge Transfer Grants.

E-business Initiative grants.

Job Creation Grants.

Relocation Grants.

Exhibition Grants.

Export Grants.

Market Development Grants.

Skills and Training Grants.

Here’s what we do

We source the prospective schemes and funds that are appropriate to your business operation.

We advise on the qualifying criteria, assist in the preparation and presentation of the grant application and follow through on all issues until completion.

We will also consider your overall funding requirements, if this is appropriate to you, as a successful grant award will often be beneficial in procurement of new funding arrangements.

Here’s the service

We offer a comprehensive service which includes the following:

Self Employed Grants Fees on a success only basis and charged only after the grant has been      successfully obtained. No up-front fees, retainers or engagement fees.
Self Employed Grants Streamlined and efficient initial requirements assessment.
Self Employed Grants Grants search to include EU, national and local grants sources.
Self Employed Grants A consistent and systematic approach to the initial vetting and      processing stage that ensures all initial enquires regardless of size or      complexity are treated exactly the same.
Self Employed Grants An early response to clients on the extent and potential value of grants      available.
Self Employed Grants A professional and courteous service at all times.
Partnership Grants Client confidentiality guaranteed.
Partnership Grants Preparation of grants application or applications.
Partnership Grants Presentation of grants application or applications and liaison with      awarding bodies.
Partnership Grants Completion of process.

Wondering what to do next?

To request a call back or if you would like more information or have a specific requirement, email us here and we will channel your enquiry to the most appropriate advisor.

The great thing is there’s absolutely no cost for initial consultations and assessments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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