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James MacLachlan, Managing Director,
H Beardsley Ltd

"It was a bit of the old magic wand stuff from BSUK taking our old mix of funding..."

Giles Stanford, Managing Director, Stanford Logistical Support Ltd

"When BSUK recommended the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme we wondered..."

David Morrison, Managing Director, Morrison Fork Truck Services Ltd

Devising a workable turnaround strategy

Take action to resolve your situation by calling us now to assess your options.

We provide a free initial consultation and assessment which will let you know where you stand and what your options are.

Here’s what we do

First and foremost we fully understand the pressures a distressed business can bring and we will work with you, fully involving you in the decision making process, to change your business and personal circumstances for the better.

The key is to devise a strategy that is achievable by the rescue team and acceptable to creditors and other stakeholders.

Our experience in dealing with and reaching agreement with the creditors likely to be involved in recovery cases is crucial to a successful outcome. This includes government departments, banks, asset based lenders, trading creditors and other stakeholders.

We will quickly assess your situation and advise on the best options for either:

Business Turnaround Rescue, restructure and recovery.
Business Turnaround Liquidation and new phoenix company.
Business Turnaround Assessment of whether the business can be sold.
Business Turnaround Liquidation which would always include full guidance on how to shelter      the Directors from further personal loss.

Business rescue can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the stage at which problems are recognised by those involved and whether or not there is a cash crisis.

The process usually involves a combination of one or more of the following:

Business Turnaround Stabilisation
Business Recovery Financial restructuring and refinancing
Business Recovery Operational turnaround

Take advantage of our free initial consultation process and find out exactly where you stand and what your options are. Receivership, Liquidation and Bankruptcy are not the only options and there can be positive opportunities for directors going forward.

Our experienced business specialists will work with you to identify solutions for rescue, restructure and recovery. If the business cannot be rescued, we can provide guidance and assistance with insolvency procedures.

To request a call back to arrange an appointment or if you would just like an initial chat email us here and we will channel your enquiry to the most appropriate advisor.

Here’s what makes us different

Our primary aim is always to seek options for recovery or if appropriate liquidation and phoenix options.

It’s often too easy for accountants to refer businesses in jeopardy to their trusted insolvency practitioner and pick up their referral fee or for insolvency practitioners to default to closure techniques or methods where fees are greatest.

We are on your side and will always act in your best interests.

We understand the pressures involved and the need to find a positive way forward.

We are also quite different from our competitors in that we have direct access to a wide range of capital and business funding which can have a dramatic effect on the viability of restructuring and recovery options.

Quite simply we work harder to ensure you and your business get the advice, guidance and solutions it needs in these difficult circumstances.

Wondering what to do next?

Simply make contact here.

To request a call back to arrange an appointment or if you would just like an initial chat email us here and we will channel your enquiry to the most appropriate advisor.

Remember there’s absolutely no cost for initial consultations and assessments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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